An Essential Oil Lifestyle Blend for Every Occasion

The joy of essential oils is that there are SO many combinations you can blend to evoke a certain mood or vibe for your space.

The olfactory system links our sense of smell to the brain and other organs in the body, which is how we can use essential oils to calm our mind, energise or relax us, depending on the oils we choose. As we inhale the different aromas, it can activate different parts of our brain and different organs as well!

It can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting started, and we love experimenting to create different blends — you can check out this post for some of our tips on making your own! But with our 25+ years of experience in natural medicine and aromatherapy, we’ve made it so easy for you by creating a beautiful selection of lifestyle blends.

Check out our 10 Lifestyle Blends below and discover the perfect blend for you.

1) Aphrodisiac

Mood: Steamy magnetism, passion, romance, and companionship.

Recommended For: Creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere in your home.

Scent Description: A captivating aroma blending the exotic floral scent of ylang ylang, earthy patchouli, uplifting sweet orange, with the delicate, soothing addition of lavender and jasmine.

Suggested Use: Add a few drops of Aphrodisiac to an aroma diffuser or the bath to bring a bit of excitement and joy to your day. This is also a popular oil to use as a perfume. Place one drop on a Lava Bead Aroma Bracelet or the pulse points of the wrist. Alternatively, or add 10 drops to a 25ml base and place in a roller to apply freely through the day. It will have people admire and desire with this very aromatic sensual aroma.

2) Breathe Easy

Mood: Calming, soothing, antibacterial, antiviral and decongestant.

Recommended For: Night-time use allowing for restful sleep — particularly during the cooler months of winter and at the onset of colds and flu.

Scent Description: A soothing combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, scotch pine, and kunzea to open the airways, calm cold and flu symptoms, and promote a good night’s sleep.

Suggested Use: During the day, pop a couple of drops of the Breathe Easy blend on a tissue and inhale, as needed, to help clear the nasal passages. Alternatively, add a couple of drops to a bowl of hot water and cover the head to create a great steam inhalation to aid coughs, colds, croup or other upper respiratory problems.

3) Calming

Mood: Calm, relaxation, tranquillity.

Recommended For: Getting a good night’s sleep and calming an anxious mind. Calming Blend may help symptoms associated with sleeplessness, mild insomnia, nervous tension, and mild anxiety. This is the blend we recommend if you are feeling totally overwhelmed, as the addition of frankincense helps to ground the physical and emotional self.

Scent Description: A soothing blend of natural sedating properties with a combination of lavender, cedarwood, frankincense and ylang ylang to instil peace of mind for a relaxing atmosphere.

Suggested Use: Add a few drops of Calming Blend to an aroma diffuser in the evening before bed to relax the mind and prepare for sleep. You may even pop a couple of drops of calming on a tissue and place under your pillow to help sleep more soundly.

4) Heaven Scent

Mood: Calming, uplifting, energising

Recommended For: Those days when you need a little extra magic in your life. It is one of our most popular lifestyle blends to be used as a natural perfume. Heaven Scent is also a favourite for those who suffer from headaches, containing the lavender and peppermint can be helpful in cases particularly where the headache may be stress related.

Scent Description: Floral and earthy with a pop of peppermint

Suggested Use: For headaches, just add 1 -2 drops to the temple in times of stress and turmoil. Avoid contact with the eyes. Recommend diluting first in a carrier oil.

This is also the oil of choice to cool the body by soaking the feet in a bowl of water and adding 3 drops of Heaven Scent. The peppermint will cool and calm whilst the other oils will quieten and sedate — a perfect thing to do after a hard day at work, particularly if you’ve been standing for lengthy periods.

5) Meditation

Mood: Balance, relaxation, meditative.

Recommended For: Yoga or meditation, or any time you need to take some time out for yourself. With the added oils of frankincense, ylang ylang, and clary sage, Meditation may assist in lowering blood pressure. However, if you have prolonged high blood pressure, we do not recommend relying solely on essential oils. Always seek medical advice about the right treatment options for you.

Scent Description: Sweet earthy and fruity scent from the combination of patchouli, sweet orange, frankincense, clary sage, and ylang ylang.

Suggested Use: Pop in the aroma diffuser before a yoga or meditation session or any time you need to bring calm and inner peace to your space.

6) Mental Clarity

Mood: Refreshing, stimulating.

Recommended For: Times when you need to focus, such as when working or studying. The addition of basil to this blend makes it the oil of choice when you need to stimulate your memory. Basil helps with brain fog and overload, and combined with the fruits, will keep you awake for as long as is needed to get that assignment completed; remaining full of optimism and confidence.

Scent Description: A strong aroma that awakens the mind with the citrus notes from bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit blended with spicy basil and kunzea to promote concentration and alertness.

Suggested Use: Diffuse in your workspace or rub a drop between your palms and inhale to awaken the mind.

7) Nirvana

Not only does it have an invigorating aroma, but the combination of cinnamon, clove bud, and lime also give it anti-bacterial and immune-stimulating qualities, and sweet orange is a fantastic essential oil for boosting mood and reducing anxiety.

It is the closest oil in the Zea Essentials Range to the traditional Four Thieves Oil, that comes from a long-told historic tale of four thieves during the 15th-century plague who used clove, cinnamon and other botanicals to protect themselves from the terrible diseases.

Mood: Warmth, vibrancy.

Recommended For: Supporting immune function and adding some warmth to the colder months or to bring a spicy Christmas aroma to the holiday season.

Just as this blend brings warmth to your home or office, it can also bring warmth to your soul. If you are feeling like you need motivation to move forward, change direction or renew your passion for life, this is the blend we recommend.

Scent Description: Spicy, warm aroma from cinnamon bark and clove bud oils with citrus notes from lime and sweet orange.

Suggested Use: Add a few drops of Nirvana to an aroma diffuser or oil burner to bring the aroma of a White Christmas to your home.

8) Relaxation

Mood: Soothing, blissful, relaxing.

Recommended For: When you need to relax and unwind. Just as our Calming Blend is the recommended blend to help with anxiety and sleep problems, our Relaxation Blend is our “chill out oil”. This is the oil we recommend if you are having a few friends over for dinner or drinks and want to create a peaceful atmosphere, but not send everyone to sleep. Essentially with the addition of the famous chamomile, it is just like sipping on a chamomile tea, to relax and enjoy.

Scent Description: Sweet citrus from mandarin blended with rich, earthy patchouli, delicate floral lavender and the fresh and fruity chamomile.

Suggested Use: Relaxation is a favourite for the bath, so mix 2–3 drops with a tiny bit of milk and add to bath water, light a candle and relax with this blissful blend.

9) Romantic Nights

Mood: Warming, uplifting.

Recommended For: Nurturing intimacy and affection.

Scent Description: Warm, spicy blend. The addition of palmarosa and petitgrain to this blend helps us to stay in the moment and cherish the now. So often we get caught up in the rat race of life and forget to enjoy the present moment so especially lovely when we are with someone we love and want to savour every moment. Combined with the warmth of clove this allows us to explore possibilities in a nurturing and positive way.

Suggested Use: Pop a few drops in the aroma diffuser or create your own room romantic room spray with distilled water, Romantic Nights, and a solubiliser such as witch hazel.

10) Stress Relief

Mood: Relaxing, soothing.

Recommended For: When you’re feeling stressed or tense and need to feel ease and peace.

This is the blend we recommend particularly in times of mental turmoil where your mind races and you seem to have 20 things going around and around in your head. It is the sleep blend we suggest when you cannot quieten the mind and can also be added to our calming blend.

Scent Description: Floral and fruity with citrus notes from the blend of ylang ylang, lavender, patchouli, sweet orange, and bergamot.

Suggested Use: If you suffer with poor sleep but also have racing thoughts try 2 drops of Calming and 2 drops of Stress Relief into your diffuser to bring peace and quiet.

This is also a lovely blend to mix with a base oil and massage into the neck and shoulders to relieve tension. Mix into 50 ml of base oil 15–20 drops of stress relief and apply as needed.

A Blend For Every Occasion

About the Author — Michelle Brass ND

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